Darren Criss and Gaten Matarazzo roast the hell out of each other on ‘Drop the Mic’

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Darren Criss and Gaten Matarazzo just gave one of the most epic “Drop the Mic” battles out there and we were here to witness it.


“A kid from Stranger Things rapping, hey, that’s something new, or should we just get Millie Bobby Brown in here for you?” Glee alumnus Criss began, referencing Brown’s rapping abilities like her rendition of Nicki Minaj’s “Monster”.

15-year-old Matarazzo wasn’t having any of it though. He rapped, “I grew up watching Glee, and it wasn’t good, so this is revenge for ruining my childhood.”

Matarazzo came for Criss when he pointed out his opponent’s rise to fame. Criss’ portrayal of the title character in his very own original production, A Very Potter Musical, went viral in 2009. The Stranger Things kid said, “I’m a nerd, but that’s the nerdiest shit I’ve ever heard.”

Criss also a comeback for the Matarazzo’s Netflix show: “I love all the ’80s references that your show did. I can’t believe they found a real-life Cabbage Patch Kid.”

Criss finished it off with a hit to Gaten’s puberty, “I hope you drop the mic, because you barely dropped your balls.”

Watch the video below:

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