The completely meme-able story behind Gavin the meme kid

Gelo Lasin

Stay on social media long enough, and you’re bound to come across this kid.

This meme has slowly invaded the internet, but we’re not complaining – this stuff is hilarious AF

The kid’s face seemingly has just the right reaction to any situation – and we’re living for it

But y’all might also be asking, who’s the kid exactly?

What’s the story behind the man, the meme, the legend?

The Internet’s fave son is actually 7-year-old Gavin Thomas

Gavin was originally featured in his uncle Nick Mastodon’s vines (when Vine was still a thing) when he was just two years old.

This was his debut

While popular among Nick’s sizable followers, Gavin wasn’t initially as viral as he is now.

That all changed in 2014 when, in a loop video, a gecko was shown resting on top of Gavin’s head, which forced a mixed, hilarious look of nervousness and confusion from the child’s face.

YouTube – Best of Gavin

The original clip

The kid’s expression soon went viral – and the rest was history

Gavin proved to be so popular that he even managed to outlive Vine’s eventual demise. Hell, China just recently treated the kid as if he was a rock star.

All hail a legend
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