Just shots of JM de Guzman to satisfy your cravings

We The Pvblic

JM de Guzman is making a comeback in his new TV series “Araw Gabi” and we’re all for it.

The pvblic compares him to the likes of Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey”. In the series, Adrian Olvidar (JM de Guzman) is a top executive of a big company who wears suits, drives a sports car, and he pretty much knows how to fly a plane.

He’s got a mysterious gaze and he’s a man of few words but don’t despair, a picture paints a thousand words, and we’ve seen a lot from the JM de Guzman x Barbie Imperial Facebook page.

Check out all the great shots we’ve seen of JM:

That side smirk

That full smile

Side smile


Such a papi.


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