LISTEN: Someone was ~extra~ enough to make a sinigang remix

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It seems that people just really love sinigang, much more than adobo at times.

After Liza Soberano‘s sinigang tweet fiasco, a lot of people came to either defend her or to educate her. But no one’s ever made a song about it — until now.

Aison Palma shared the Sinigang remix on Facebook using Soberano’s face as the cover. 

no$ia – $inigang prod. by vesselsoundcloud link: link: mixtape: nyo din EP ko: salamat din kay Ronl Flores PaderLYRICS:sinigang sinigang sinigang sinigang sinigang sinigang sinigang hindi ka filipino citizen kung hindi ka kumakain ng sinigangkung kumakain ka ng sinigang ikaw ay pure filipino gangsinigang sinigang sinigangmas masarap sa adobo manmas masarap ang sinigang eto ang pambansang ulam mas masarap sa adobo to mas masarap to sa bulalosamahan mo pa ng kape itosawsaw mo pandesal ditopero sabi ni soberano kain sinigang kay filipinobich naasiman ka ba sakto ba timpla ko ou di ako marunong magluto ounow lil pump nasasarapan everybody scream akoy filipino lil pump still sell leche adobo ang nilantakan mo sinagang padin ako#noSia #Sinigang #badjao #lilpump #trap

Posted by Aison Palma on Sunday, 25 February 2018

A teaser? Check out the lyrics:

sinigang sinigang sinigang 
sinigang sinigang sinigang 
hindi ka filipino citizen 
kung hindi ka kumakain ng sinigang
kung kumakain ka ng sinigang 
ikaw ay pure filipino gang
sinigang sinigang sinigang
mas masarap sa adobo man

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