40 Filipino artists gorgeously reimagined ‘Pawikans’ in this jaw-dropping collab

Gelo Lasin

This is sooo beautiful

Niccolo Anacleto and 39 other artists just collab-ed to produce one of the most visually appealing projects in recent memory.

Called ‘Pawikang Pilipino’, the vid montage sees the designers give their own unique and gorgeous reimaginings of sea turtles – or ‘Pawikan’ in Filipino.

The amazing designs feature almost every style imaginable, ranging from the original to those inspired by pop culture.

Watch it here:

BIG BIG BIG thanks to all the artists who participated and took the time to contribute 24 frames of their own personal…

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Niccolo Anacleto‎‏ في الإثنين، ٢٢ أكتوبر ٢٠١٨


Speaking to We The Pvblic, Niccolo shared how he was able to recruit so many artists for the Maneki-Neko inspired collab.

‘Madami naman G sa start, like solid 10+ na kami. Then I started inviting more.. and sila din started inviting more.’

‘In the end, 40 contributed.’

The entire proj was also only done in a week (holy crap), but he insists that the tight timeline was intentional.

I found out that, to make a collab this big work, and to encourage VERY busy artists to join, dapat maikli, fun, and makulit ka.’, he said.

We’re mostly in the ad industry, post-production houses, agencies, freelancers, 3d artists, 2d artists and illustrators.’

With an end result THIS gorgeous, here’s hoping we get to see more similar projects from the squad in the future.

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