‘Singing is believing’: Watch 3,000 Muslims, Jews and Christians sing ‘One Day’

Gil Cadiz

American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called music “the universal language of mankind.” It’s been more than a century since his death, but his words have never been truer.

Music continues to transcend language, religion, culture and even time. It continues to cut across boundaries and remains to be a tool for bringing people together.

On Valentine’s day, 3,000 Muslims, Jews and Christians gathered together in Haifa, Israel to sing in harmony in a bid to strengthen the hope for the ever-elusive peace in the Middle East. The participants have never met before but willingly signed up to learn to sing “One Day” by Matisyahu in English, Hebrew and Arabic. The result is a visual and visceral experience that is nothing short of beautiful.

The event was a breathtaking showcase of the best of humanity, a compelling display of brotherhood, a clarion call for unity and a fervent prayer for peace.

Koololam, an organization that brings together Israelis from across all ages, races, religions, and demographics for mass singing events, put together this exemplary project in collaboration with Beit HaGefen (The Arab Jewish Cultural Center), the Haifa Municipality and the Port of Haifa.

Prepare to get chills and be reduced to tears; watch the video below:

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