STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING: We need to start talking about Ian Ignacio

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This is Ian Taylor Ignacio.

He’s just the dreamboat you’ve been looking for.

He can surf, he can act, he can show you a lot of things you’ve never even seen before. He’s not just any pretty face.

But he sure does rock the long hair look.

He’s got moves that are so deadly; his looks could kill.

“Martial arts has always been the anchor to keep me grounded and humble,” he shared.

He adds how his father, veteran actor Levy Ignacio, gave him his blessing on acting.

“When my dad saw me act on theater, that’s the time that I got his half-blessing for me to join the acting scene”, Ian Taylor Ignacio started saying.” He told me, ‘O, sige, anak. Pumasok ka na.’ And that blessing from him made me lighten up the load.”

“Acting and martial arts have always been my passions. Being able to act be it on stage, television or film gives me the high of feeling alive,” he stated.

“Karate and TKD has always been my base to which I branched out to Filipino martial arts and BJJ. Being able to collaborate the two disciplines of martial arts and acting keeps me alive.”

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Look on the bright side.

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A god walking amongst us.

We are not worthy.

You’ll be seeing a lot more of him in “The Trigonal: Fight for Justice”. He’s in the fight of his life this September.

Oh, Rhian Ramos is in it too, JSYK. We already see the chemistry between these two just by seeing this teaser!

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