The Backstreet Boys performing as the Spice Girls is everything you love about the 90’s

Gelo Lasin

It’s as if, for one brief moment, everything was right with the world.

We’ve achieved world peace, global warming is gone andย unli-rice didn’t make us all fat.

Because this just happened.

The Backstreet Boys dressed up as the Spice Girls as part of their self-titled cruise and performed the latter’s hits such as “Wannabe” and “Say You’ll Be There”.

It was def weird and epic beyond words.

The boy band posted a tribute for the British girl group on Instagram, with the caption “Celebrating all of the girl power thatโ€™s kept us going for 25 years”

Each member of the band came out to slay.

1. Kevin Richardson as Victoria Beckham/Posh Spice

2.ย Brian Littrell as Melanie Chisholm/Sporty Spice

3. Howie Dorough as Geri Halliwell/Ginger Spice

4.ย AJ McLean as Melanie Brown/Scary Spice

5.ย Nick Carter as Emma Bunton/Baby Spice

Meanwhile, 90’s kids be like:

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