The #FinalRevision you won’t want to miss: Check out this legit SDE wedding film

We The Pvblic

We know love when we see it and for newlyweds Bryan and Lhuvi, we see a whole lot of it.

Marry your best friend for there is no foundation stronger than true friendship, they always say. Bryan and Lhuvi stayed true to that saying, showcasing their quirky personalities in their hilariously sweet same-day edit wedding film.

The SDE shows the makings of a real wedding, and since Lhuvi works as a writer and Bryan as a voice talent, the two worked closely together.

Titled #FinalRevision021718, the couple reveals it as the last status of their relationship, and we’re eagerly waiting Season 2 Plus 1.

Check out more cute photos of the newlyweds with their family and friends:

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