This K-pop idol just greeted Scarlett Kramer and we are freaking out

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Scarlett is one lucky baby girl!

Bobby of Korean pop group iKON just gave Scarlett a shout out and we are fangirling for the young Kramer!

“Hey, Scarlett, this is Uncle Bobby. Happy birthday!” the rapper says, tagging Scarlett’s mother Chesca Garcia Kramer.

Bobby sings the birthday lines from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” and adds, “I don’t know if this is appropriate for you, but happy birthday!”

It was in response to Scarlett’s father and basketball player Doug Kramer who earlier posted a video of Scarlett crying, asking Bobby if he could come to her birthday in November.

“Hello to all our Team Kramer fans. We need your help. Scarlett is celebrating her 7th birthday this coming November. So matagal pa,” Doug said.

“Kaya lang, she’s already asking for a birthday present. But she wants Bobby of iKON, the K-pop singer, to perform or sing for her at her birthday. I can’t afford you Bobby. Discount? 90%?” he asks jokingly.

In a new post, Scarlett thanked Bobby, and he commented: “๋‚˜๋„์‚ฌ๋ž‘ํ•ด (I love you too) ใ… ใ… .”

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