Titos and Titas of Manila are taking a major trip down memory lane on Facebook

Gil Cadiz

There’s a thriving new community on Facebook that brings together Filipinos who grew up in the ‘80s and ‘90s to talk non-stop about the good old days.


The closed group called Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila, started by the group’s Admin Mark Tanseco del Rosario just about a month ago, has close to 500,000 members, mostly Gen Xers and Xennials who make the group active all day every day with endless discussions about anything in their youth and childhood that they recall with fondness.

The site works by allowing any member to post a thought or question about anything they remember in their growing-up years and thousands of the other members will flood the comments section to share their owns thoughts and recollections.

The discussions are so addictive that some members admit they lose sleep as they find themselves unwilling to have a break from the site.

Aside from giving the Titos and Titas a place where they can celebrate their past and keep good memories alive, another reason why the group ticks is that it’s a refreshing respite from the divisive political discussions that dominate social media these days.

Here are our some of our favorite posts and threads:


A&W root beer float

80s Candies


Everything But The Girl



Funny Comics

Gift Gate

Family Computer

Tropa Call


KSwiss Tretorn


Coconut Husk

And, of course, the possibility of single Titos and Titas finding love in the group is strong!


The group has become so popular that one of the members was shookt to find out that even her mom wanted to not miss out on the fun!


And then, this question.

Maintenance Meds

Sweet-talk your own Titos or Titas into joining Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila now. They’ll thank you for it! ?

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