13 snaps of Tony Labrusca to satisfy your cravings

Gelo Lasin

Let me just go ahead and say this: Tony Labrusca is a friggin thirst machine.

Ever since that trailer for ‘Glorious’ dropped, the amount of people begging for Tony to run them over / slam against the wall on my Twitter feed is hilariously absurd. The dude has seriously turned off everyone’s ability to calm their tits.


I’m also sure if every single one of his Instagram pics got leaked to the pvblic, everyone’s ovaries would magically explore. The guy is literally that attractive.

Gotta give him props for these cool street shots tho

Altho he can pull of a suit just as well

Tony apparently has a thing for shorts

And of course, how can we forget your fave – his aaabs

Here’s a drink to quench your thirst, ladies

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