WATCH: Brazilian surfer rides biggest wave ever

Gil Cadiz

Badass Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa has earned eternal bragging rights and the world’s RESPECT for having surfed the biggest wave ever.

The now viral jaw-dropping video of Koxa’s feat shows a massive blue wave slowly rising higher and higher, then suddenly the small figure of the 38-year-old board-rider appears, smoothly riding down the giant wave, moments before it rolled over and came crashing towards the shore.

According to, Koxa caught the 80-foot monster in Nazaré in Portugal on November 8, 2017, but his record was confirmed only in April of this year when he was awarded the Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award at the 2018 World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Awards in California.

The World Surf League said that the award goes to the surfer who, by any means available, catches the biggest wave of the year. Not only did Koxa win this year’s honor, but he now holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest wave ever surfed.

Watch the video here:

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