WATCH: This guy spoofed Liza Soberano’s first ‘Darna’ battlecry and it’s funny AF

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Liza Soberano is the budding darling of the Philippines and recently, she was given the iconic Filipina superheroine role we all grew up to know and love as Darna.

Soberano has gone a long way since her breakout role as Forevermore‘s Agnes in 2014. Up to her recent movie My Ex and Whys with onscreen leading man Enrique Gil, Liza has been dominating and she’s only getting more recognition now.

And during her spiels on ASAP on Sunday, she gave the pvblic a little taste of her first “Darna!” battlecry.

“I’m nervous but I’m also excited to be embodying the iconic character. Ang preparations na ginagawa ko so far, nagli-lift ako ng weights para mag-gain ng muscles para maging malakas. Also, nagru-run po ako for cardio,” she says in the interview.

Well, Facebook user Ivan Bernardino liked it so much he spoofed the whole thing and the video is funny AF.

Oh yeah, he does a LOT of those. Here’s one on Aegis’ Basang Basa sa Ulan:

And one on Kimpoy Feliciano:

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