Why Angkas should be your favorite social media account right about now

Kaka Corral

Angkas is exceptional at managing their social media accounts and it’s about time you know why.

The ride-hailing mobile app doesn’t just give the pvblic a faster option when faced with heavy Manila traffic — it treats you like a longtime buddy on Facebook, Twitter — with empathy and honesty in each and every post.

We mean, really honest.

So honest that it makes it work so well for them.

We’re pretty sure Angkas’ social media manager is a millennial for vast knowledge of the slang, making it downright relatable.

Oh, and they’re pretty hilarious when they reply to people.

There’s even some #AngkasStories out there

When they explain how to get discounts, they do it well with some humor on the side.


And they can even give out a promo code if you’re extra nice!

Malandi si friend

And Angkas certainly doesn’t need anyone else to do a major burn on it — they can do it by themselves.

Happy trooper here, both on the bike and on their social media accounts ?

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